“During the time we worked together, Stefan showed a great passion to develop training solutions leveraging needs for technical target groups. Because of his great commitment, professionalism and solid expertise in this matter Stefan brings projects to a good end, even in difficult circumstances. He also has a clear view and vision on how to build and manage skills and competencies within an organization trough training. Stefan is a great person to work with, always ready to help and sharing his expertise with other colleagues.” November 18, 2010

Arzu Cetin, Account Manager, Educam
worked with Stefan at Syntra West

For several years Stefan has been an enthousiastic, skilled and very devoted trainer in automotive for our company.
His commitment always was appreciated by the persons following his trainingsessions.
We still work with Stephan as trainer but now as serviceprovider.
Roland Vanbossedghem
Klantverantwoordelijke” November 5, 2010

Dhr.Roland Vanbosseghem, klantverantwoordelijke, Syntra West
worked directly with Stefan at Syntra West

“Stefan is a highy specialised trainer who can adapt himself to all kinds of public during his trainings. He remains calm under all circumstances and tries to find the best solution when problems occur. He's the kind off collegue you need when yo're going to "war".” November 4, 2010

Christophe Dhaenens, Sectorcoördinator, Syntra West
worked with Stefan at Syntra West

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